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Bonding technology based on solid porous Ag for large area chip

Chuantong Chen, Seungjun Noh, Hao Zhang, Chanyang Choe, Jinting Jiu, Shijo Nagao, and Katsuaki Suganuma

Scripta Materialia, 146 [15] (2018), 123-127


Effect of electroplated Au layer on bonding performance of Ag pastes

Taikun Fan, Hao Zhang, Panju Shang, Caifu Li, Chuantong Chen, Jianxin Wang, Zhiquan Liu, Hao Zhang, and Katsuaki Suganuma

J. Alloys Compd., 731 [15] (2018), 1280-1287


Highly conductive copper films based on submicron copper particles/copper complex inks for printed electronics: microstructure, resistivity, oxidation resistance, and long-term stability

Wanli Li, Lingying Li, Yue Gao, Dawei Hu, Cai-Fu Li, Hao Zhang, Jinting Jiu, Shijo Nagao, and Katsuaki Suganuma

J. Alloys Compd., 732 [25] (2018), 240-247


Thermal Stability of Silver Paste Sintering on Coated Copper and Aluminum Substrates

Chun Pei, Chuantong Chen, Guicui Fu, and Katsuaki Suganuma

J. Electron. Mater, 47 [1] (2018), 811-819


Heat-resistant die-attach with cold-rolled Ag sheet

S. J. Noh, C. Choe, C. Chen, and K. Suganuma

Appl. Phys. Express, 11 [1] (2018), 016501_1-4


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