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Effects of Bi and Pb on Oxidation in Humidity for Low Temperature Lead-Free Solder Systems,

K.-S. Kim, T. Matsuura, and K. Suganuma:
Journal of Electronic Materials, 35[1] (2006) 41-47.



川本 直幸,村上 恭和,進藤 大輔,金 槿銖,菅沼 克昭:
日本金属学会誌, 第70巻 第4号 (2006) 384-388.

SnZn low temperature solder,

Katsuaki Suganuma and Kuen-Soo Kim:
J. Mater. Sci.: Materials in Electronics, 18[1-3] (2006) 121-127.


Effects of Composition on Microstructure and on Thermal Stability of Sn-Ag-In Lead-Free Soldered Joints,

K. S. Kim, T. Imanishi, K. Suganuma, S. Kumamoto and M. Aihara:
Microelectronics and Reliability, In Press, Available online 8 September (2006).

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