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10. Low temperature Sic die-attach bonding technology by hillocks generation on Al sheet surface with stress self-generation and selfrelease
Chuantong Chen
, Katsuaki Suganuma
 Scientific Reports | (2020) 10:9042                                                          https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-020-66069-8


9. Reactive wafer bonding with nanoscale Ag/Cu multilayers
Y Liu, S Lin, H Zhang, S Nagao, C Chen, K Suganuma
Scripta Materialia 184 (2020) 1-5                                                                                              https://doi.org/10.1016/j.scriptamat.2020.03.043


8.  Effect of oxygen on microstructural coarsening behaviors and mechanical properties of Ag sinter paste during high-temperature storage from macro to micro
Chuantong Chen, Chanyang Choe, Dongjin Kim, Zheng Zhang, Xu Long, Zheng Zhou, Fengshun Wu, Katsuaki Suganuma
J. Alloy. Compd. 834 (2020) 155173


7. Effect of W content in Co-W-P metallization on both oxidation resistance and resin adhesion
Tomohito Iwashige, Takeshi Endo, Kazuhiko Sugiura, Kazuhiro Tsuruta, Yuichi Sakuma, Seigo Kurosaka, Yukinori Oda, Chuantong Chen, Shijo Nagao, Katsuaki Suganuma
J. Mater. Sci, 55 (2020) 644-659.


6.   Micron-sized Ag flake particles direct die bonding on electroless Ni–P-finished DBC substrate: low-temperature pressure-free sintering, bonding mechanism and high-temperature aging reliability
Chuantong Chen, Zheng Zhang, Bowen Zhang, Katsuaki Suganuma,
J. Mater. Sci-Mater. El., (2020) 31, 1247–1256 .


5.   Well-controlled decomposition of copper complex inks enabled by metal nanowire networks for highly compact, conductive, and flexible copper films
Bowen Zhang, Chuantong Chen, Wanli Li, Jeyun Yeom, Katsuaki Suganuma
Adv. Mater. Interfaces, 7 (2020) 1901550


4.   Mechanical characteristics and fracture behavior of GaN/DBA die-attached during thermal aging: pressure-less hybrid Ag sinter joint and Pb–5Sn solder joint
Dongjin Kim, Chuantong Chen, Shijo Nagao, Katsuaki Suganuma
J. Mater. Sci-Mater. El., 31 (2020), 587–598


3.   3D pyramid-shape Ag plating assisted interface connection growth of sinter micron-sized Ag paste
Chuantong Chen, Yue Gao, Zhi-Quan Liu, Katsuaki Suganuma
Scripta. Mater.,179 (2020) 36-39.


2.   Strengthening of DBA substrate with Ni/Ti/Ag metallization for thermal fatigue-resistant Ag sinter joining in GaN power modules
Dongjin Kim, Chuantong Chen*, Seung-joon Lee, Shijo Nagao, Katsuaki Suganuma
J. Mater. Sci-Mater. El., 31 (2020) 3715–3726.


1.Robust bonding and thermal-stable Ag-Au joint on ENEPIG substrate by micron-scale sinter Ag joining in low temperature pressure-less                             Chuantong Chen, Zheng Zhang, Qian Wang, Bowen Zhang, Yue Gao, Tetsuya Sasamura, Yukinori oda, Ninshu Ma, Katsuaki Suganuma,
J. Alloy. Compd. 828 (2020) 154397



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