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The 20th International Conference on Electronic Packaging Technology (ICEPT2019)

  • Micro-sized Ag particles die bonding on Ni finished DBC substrate: low-temperature pressure-free sintering and high-temperature reliability, Chuantong Chen
  • Power cycle tests and thermal characterization of SiC Ag sinter die-attach using SiC micro-heater device, Shijo Nagao

The 69th Electronic components and technology conference

  • Interfacial diffusion behavior and mechanical strength of Bi2Te3 silver paste thermoelectric joints, Yusufu Ekubaru
  • Improvement of initial bond strength and thermal-aging stability of Ag sinter joining on ENIG substrates via enhance crystallinity of Au layer, Zheng Zhang

PCIM Europe Conference 2019

  • Thermal conductivity and interface thermal resistance evaluation of DBC/DBA in power die attach modules, Chuantong Chen
  • High reliability package using Cu particles paste for next generation power deviceYue Gao
  • GaN micro-heater chip for power cycling of die attach modules with Ag sinter joint and high temperature solder, Dongjin Kim
  • Sintering Cu paste on bare Cu and Cu substrate with different metallization, Shuhei Takata

The 30th European Symposium on Reliability of Electron Devices, Failure Physics and Analysis(ESREF2019)

  • Power cycling of Cu plate wire bonding for SiC power die attach modules, Chanyang Choe
  • Comparative study on Ag flake sintering mechanism by self-produced Ag nanoparticle and their application for WBG Packaging, JeyunYeom
  • Low-temperature low-pressure Al sheet interconnect in power die attach modules for high-temperature applications,  Chuantong Chen

ISAPP2019 (Osaka)

  • Ag sinter joining on different metallization via micron flake Ag paste, Zheng Zhang

The 10th ICFPE (2019 International Conference on Flexible and Printed Electronics, 2019 ICFPE)

  • Galvanic replacement free synthesis of Cu@Ag core-shell nanowires for wearable electrodes, Bowen Zhang
  • Fabrication of Ag-Ni-MnO2 core-shell nanowire networks for high-performance stretchable supercapacitors, Liu
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