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International Conference on Advanced Electronic Materials and Packaging Technology (January 10-11th, Osaka, Japan)

International Conference on Advanced Electronic Materials and Packaging Technology

International Conference on Advanced Electronic Materials and Packaging technology (ICAEMPT) will be held January 10-11th, at Osaka University, Osaka, Japan. This international conference will invite key persons from all over the world to share their experience and achievements in electronic materials and packaging fields, and predict the development and application in IoT, automated driving, 5G communication and big data.

Date: January 10th & 11th, 2020

Location: I117 room, Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka University

Registration:  AM 11:00-12:00, January 10, 2020


ICAEMPT program (tentative)

January 10th, Friday

12:50 Opening: Mr. Minoru Ueshima, Daicel Corporation
13:00 Effect of Impurity Element in Tin on Mechanical Properties
Dr. Izuta Goro , Mitsubishi electronics
13:35 The reliability of metal interconnection materials for high density packaging
Prof. Dr. Zhi-Quan LIU,  Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences
14:10 On-orbit validation for may mitigate tin-whisker growth, Report the evaluation result of the second year
Mr. Kenji Nakajima, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agnecy
14:45 Coffee break
15:05 The reliability of die attach joints for power modules (tentative)
Dr. Takuya Kadoguchi, Toyota Motor
15:40 Ag-Si powder sintering technology
Mr. Minoru Ueshima, Daicel Corporation
16:15 High reliable sintering technology for power device  (tentative)
Mr. Kazuhiko Sugiura, Denso
16:50 Welcome lecture: Prof. Katsuaki Suganuma, Osaka University
17:30 Banquet


January 11th, Sunday

Poster Session and Young Research section  AM9:30~AM11:00

  • Banquet fee (10th:JP¥3,000-)


Poster Title Name Department
1 Direct bonding of pure Al die to Al substrate with Ag flake paste Cai-fu Li Sun Yat-sen University
2 Rare element intermetallics in lead –free solder Peng Xue  Nanjing university of science and technology
3 Direct bonding of die attach via Ag particle sinter joining Zheng Zhang Osaka University
4 Alloying and embedding of CuNWs-core/Ag-shell nanowires for ultra-stable stretchable and transparent electrodes


Bowen Zhang Osaka University
5 The study of grain directional growth in the solder layer during rapid heating of Al/Ni nano-laminate foils Zheng Zhou Huazhong University of Science and Technology
6 Real-time acoustic emission monitoring of wear-out failure for SiC power electronic devices during PCT Chanyang Choe Osaka University
7 Power cycle reliability of SiC/DBC die-attached module structure with Ag sinter joint and solder joint by SiC TEG chip Dongjin KiM Osaka University
8 Modified micron-sized Ag sinter paste for wide band gap device packaging Jeyun Yeom Osaka University
9 Evaluation bonding quality of novel Cu paste with different metallization substrate Shuhei Takata Osaka University
10 Reliability Evaluation of SiC Power Module in Severe Thermal Cycle and Influence of Substrate Material Haoran Ding Osaka University
11 Bonding technology based on solid porous Ag for large area chips Chuantong Chen Osaka University


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